Authentic Trappist beers


Chimay beers are among the rare types recognised as authentic Trappist products.

Brewed for many years, these beers take their personality from their unique yeast and the purity of the Abbey well water.

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Cheeses made with milk from the region

Authentic Trappist Product (logo) & 100% Lait régional/ regionale melk (logo)

The monastic community also bears responsibility for producing Chimay Trappist cheeses.

Prepared solely using milk from the region, each cheese has its own particular character, born of age-old know-how.

Discover them!

Perfect pairings

Savour the ‘twinning’ experience of Chimay beers and cheeses to appreciate these products as never before.

Beer tastings with their own cheeses for perfect harmony in the mouth.

Combine Chimay beers and cheeses!

Explore the Abbey Visit the Espace Chimay

Our gourmet recipes

Chimay Trappist beers are particularly suitable for serving with a meal.

What’s more, like the cheeses, they can also be one of the ingredients in your best dishes.

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Happy Birthday Espace Chimay

Espace Chimay celebrates today its 4th anniversary! All this week, you will benefit of a reduction on your admission fee at Chimay Experience  

The “Grande Réserve” oak aged

The “Grande Réserve” aged in new oak cask is an exceptional beer that benefits from triple fermentation and extended maturing in barrels. Unfiltered, unpasteurised, this beer has an incomparable rounded, wooden flavour. (10%) Discover more about this high quality product here

Chimay around the world


Our Trappist beers are appreciated in all four corners of the world.

You will find them in many pubs and restaurants near you or when travelling.


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