Chimay, a very special beer !


A beautiful gesture, a long-standing tradition

Since its foundation in 1850, Scourmont Abbey has cultivated various values, including cooperation and sharing. As such, all the Chimay beers and cheeses have always featured the ‘Trappist’ label: your guarantee that the beer and cheese are produced within the abbey’s walls or in the abbey’s immediate vicinity, under the supervision of the abbey’s monks, and that the majority of the revenue from sales is donated to good causes.

Drinking a Chimay beer or enjoying a Chimay cheese is thus a beautiful gesture! Because in doing so, you contribute to numerous social projects.

The past 170 years has seen the establishment of many projects.

To coordinate their implementation, the Chimay Wartoise Foundation has been set up, to ensure the proper management and allocation of grants and aid for regional initiatives. Go to for further information.

Other projects are directly supported by the community of monks of Scourmont Abbey (also called ‘Cistercian Solidarity’).

Chimay, a brand committed to a world that demands more solidarity.

Albatros Farm

As part of the redevelopment of its abbey farm, the foundation, in collaboration with the non-profit organisation Albatros, decided to create a multi-acre complex to house adults with disabilities and offer activities.

The site includes:

  • accommodation infrastructure (housing for 36 residents and accommodation for 100 people during the day),
  • cultural or sports activities,
  • workshops (bakery, confectionery, cannery, oil mill, vegetable processing, mushroom farm, chicory and dandelion farm),
  • covered and uncovered areas for horticultural activities, small animal husbandry, livestock stables,
  • a shop that is open to the public,
  • a water treatment installation,
  • composting with a worm farm.

Nearly 30 staff provide support to people with intellectual disabilities as part of this project.

Solidarités plurielles de l'entre-Sambre-et-Meuse - Mariembourg

This non-profit organisation from Couvin provides assistance to families living in poverty or debt by offering various services:

  • Social supermarket
  • Second-hand clothing shop
  • Warehouse for second-hand furniture, dinnerware, and household appliances
  • Debt mediation and budget counselling service
  • Laundry
  • Solidarity restaurant
  • Housing for the most needy

The Wartoise Foundation provides financial support to them in various ways.

L'école de la croix - Momignies

Funding for a renovation project at La Croix school in Momignies:

  • Larger classrooms
  • New canteen
  • A bright and airy child nursery
  • Car park
  • New sports hall
  • Green space


Tolou on Lesbos - Greece

Aid to refugees in Greece.

In 2020, Cistercian Solidarity provided financial support to this association which founded a school in the Moria refugee camp on the island of Lesbos. The organisation also provides first-aid training in the camp.