Cookies charter

Protecting your privacy is a priority for us. In this respect, we undertake to protect our on-line users’ personal data that we collect via the use of cookies, tags, tracers and other similar technology (referred to hereinafter generally as “cookies”) and to process them with the utmost care, in compliance with enforceable legislation and the various purposes described in this Cookies Charter.


  1. General information
  2. Types of cookies used
  3. Origin of cookies
  4. Cookie lifetime
  5. Cookie management
  6. Updating


1. General information

Cookies are data files that are placed on your work station by web sites or applications. They enable a link to be established with the original web site on each further visit, or on a visit to a web site that recognises this cookie, in order to facilitate your browsing and to adapt it to your needs.

Depending on the type of cookies used, the information collected by a cookie may include personal data. In such a case, this information will be processed in compliance with our Privacy Charter.

Any questions or requests concerning the processing of cookies should be sent to the following e-mail address:


2. Types of cookies used

Sous réserve de votre consentement préalable (bannière publiée sur notre site Internet), les types de cookies suivants peuvent être utilisés, en fonction des finalités pour lesquelles ils sont destinés :

Subject to your prior consent (via a banner published on our web site), the following cookies may be used, depending on the purposes for which they are intended:

Essential / strictly necessary cookies:

These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of our web site and cannot be deactivated. They are configured in response to the actions you carry out on our web site, such as defining your privacy settings, entering your user log-in details or filling in our forms. These cookies help to make your browsing on our web site much easier (for example, when returning to a previous page, etc.).

Non essential cookies

These cookies are not necessary for the proper functioning of our web site, but they help to provide you with an improved and personalised user experience. These cookies cannot be used without your prior consent. This is why we ask for you to accept them, or not, on your first visit to our web site. These cookies may be placed on your work station by us our external suppliers whose services we have added to our pages.

  • Functional cookies:
    Thanks to these cookies, we can offer you optimal and personalised functioning and user experiences on our web site. For example, these cookies record your language. They also make it possible to use certain functions such as content sharing on the social networks.

  • Analytical cookies:
    With these cookies, we can analyse the visits to our web site and its traffic, in order to gauge and improve the performance of our web site. These cookies allow us to see which pages are the most popular and what our visitors’ browsing habits are.

  • Targeted advertising cookies:
    These cookies may be placed on our web site by our advertising partners. They can be used by such companies to target your preferences and propose relevant adverts to you on other web sites.


3. Origin of cookies

Among the cookies mentioned above, some are our own cookies (first-party cookies) and others are from third-parties (i.e. cookies linked to the business of carefully selected partners which are managed by these third parties and imported from a web site whose content is indirectly accessible).


4. Cookie lifetimes

Not all cookies have the same length of lifetime. Depending on the nature of the cookie used, there are:

  • Persistent or permanent cookies: these cookies remain active after closure of your session. They are stored on the user’s works station until they expire (persistent cookies are designed to include an expiry date) or until the user deletes them.
  • Session cookies: these cookies only last for the visit to the web site. They are deleted when the user closes his or her browser.

In any case, the lifetime of our own cookies does not exceed 13 months.


5. Cookie management

You can limit the use of cookies or deactivate them by modifying the settings or options in your browser (Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.).

Via your browser, you can also examine and delete all or part of the cookies that are stocked on your device. For instructions on how to do this, consult the “Help” menu of your browser. Please note that if you delete certain cookies, our web site or some of its functions are unlikely to work properly any more.

All the editors of third-party cookies that we use are listed below, enabling you to consult their declarations and manage your consent forms:


6. Updating

At any moment, we may be led to update our cookie policy via publication of a new version on our web site. We recommend that you consult it regularly.


Most recent update: August 2019