the Vieux Chimay,
with its hazelnut taste
and a slightly bitter tang.

The Vieux Chimay

This hard cheese, allowed to age for at least six months, is produced from the good milk of the Chimay region collected solely during the summer months.

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It’s the perfect match for the Chimay Triple.

The Vieux Chimay is an authentic trappist product

In 1850, a small group of monks from the Westvleteren Abbey came to settle in Chimay and built themselves the Scourmont Abbey. Although the land was barren, the monks set about making it fertile and in 1862, after procuring 50 pure Friesian cattle, the monks began to produce butter.

In 1876, Brother Benoît went to France to learn how to make cheese with a semi-firm consistency: Chimay ‘trappist’ cheese was born! The facilities then began to be modernised, production increased and sales developed on a much larger scale.

The modern production unit is still committed today to producing the cheeses of Chimay according to the principles of quality and authenticity which are so dear to the monks of Scourmont. The cheeses of Chimay are exclusively produced using milk from the region and traditional methods. They are mostly sold in Belgium, but are also exported to France, the USA, the Netherlands, Scandinavia…

250 local dairy farms, which together form the “Coferme” cooperative, provide the milk. Chimay Cheese is an authentic Trappist cheese. It is produced in the immediate vicinity of Scourmont Abbey, with the community of Trappist monks being responsible for quality control during the production process. Most of the profits are allocated to social assistance.

Our different formats

Vieux Chimay only exists in wheel of 3kg.

  • Wheel 3kg

(Fr) Recette de cuisine avec le Vieux Chimay (Fr) Soupe à l’oignon et petits pains au fromage



Pour la soupe à l’oignon
  • 8 gros oignons (doux, selon votre goût)
  • 2 gousses d’ail, hachées
  • feuilles de thym frais
  • 100 g de beurre
  • 6 dl de bouillon de volaille relevé
  • 6 dl de Chimay Rouge
  • poivre noir et sel marin
  • graines de fenouil au moulin
Pour les petits pains au fromage
  • 8 petites tranches de baguette
  • 200 g de Vieux Chimay râpé



  1. Pelez les oignons et coupez-les en fines rondelles.Ajoutez le haché et cuisez-le tout en l’émiettant.
  2. Faites cuire les oignons dans du beurre avec l’ail haché et les feuilles de thym.
  3. Déglacez à la Trappiste et au bouillon de volaille. poursuivez la cuisson à feu doux jusqu’à ce que les oignons soient bien tendres.
  4. Poivrez, salez et ajoutez les graines de fenouil moulues.
  5. Disposez les tranches de Vieux Chimay sur les baguettes et gratinez sous le grill.


  1. Servez la soupe à l’oignon dans une creuse et garnissez de petits pains au fromage

Chimay around the world


Our Trappist beers are appreciated in all four corners of the world.

You will find them in many pubs and restaurants near you or when travelling.


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