Chimay Grande Reserve

dark brown

9% vol. alc. - Tasting 10°-12°


Wheel of flavors


  • Amber
  • Blond
  • Brown
  • Dark brown
  • Light

Beer look

  • Cloudy
  • Limpid

Foam look

  • Creamy
  • Thin

An authentic trappist beer

The beautiful warm, dark hues of Chimay Grande Réserve and its compact light-brown head put on a spectacular show. This beer is without a shadow of a doubt a match made in heaven between luscious fruity aromas and delicious chocolate. It begins with a light sweet note before the creamy caramel transitions to a soft Mocha combined with an intense spicy taste, culminating in a delicious candied fruit finish. The delicious overall flavor develops into a pleasant lingering aftertaste, triggering a subtle warm feeling and the sensation of pure chocolate.


A bit of history

It was in 1948 that Father Théodore began the first tests with the new yeast. In 1954, the Spéciale Noël Christmas beer was sold for the end of year festivities only. In 1956, it became the "blue capsule", available throughout the year and an essential element of the range of Chimay beers.
Chimay Grande Réserve has an incredible aging capacity hence its name !


Perfect pairing

Chimay Grande Reserve goes perfectly with every Chimay cheese but particularly with the Chimay Première cheese.


Our different formats

  • Tap
  • 33 cl
    33 cl
  • 75 cl
    75 cl
  • 1,5 L
    1,5 L
  • 3 L
    3 L
  • 6 L
    6 L