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Rue de Poteaupré, 5
B- 6464 Bourlers

Tel:  +32 (0)60/21.14.33
Fax:  +32 (0)60/21.54.34

Chimay Experience:

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Poteaupré Inn

The combined tavern and restaurant of “Espace Chimay” is the ideal place to stop and savor the products of Scourmont Abbey and the Chimay region under optimal conditions.

Come and enjoy the Chimay Trappist beers’ rich aromas, along with the flavors of their  accompanying cheeses.

Discover products such as “Chimay Gold” – a pure malt ale and “Poteaupré” cheese, the cream of Trappist cheeses.

The Inn also has seven guest rooms with all conveniences and decorated with Chimay themes.


Chimay Experience

Chimay Experience takes you on a journey to the heart of the secrets, history, and treasures of making Chimay Trappist ales and cheeses.

More than 150 years of tradition, authenticity, and brewing know-how.

Enjoy a delicious glass (250°ml) of Chimay offered in Poteaupré Inn’s tasting area at the end of the visit.


Chimay shop

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By car: calculate your itinerary via Mappy

Difficult to access by public transport

By train: via the SNCB’s website 

The nearest station is situated in Couvin (+/- 20 km from the Inn)

By bus (TEC)

From Couvin station: line 60/1 (Chimay-Gonrieux-Couvin) – In Couvin, take the bus at the old station of Chimay, direction Rièzes-Couvin, line 59

The old station is situated at 10 km away from the Inn/Espace Chimay. No busses during the weekend.

Large parking – Access I