Scourmont Abbey

Since 1850

Scourmont Abbey

A small group of monks came to settle on the wild plateau of Scourmont, near Chimay, in the summer of 1850.

A farm, brewery, and dairy soon sprang up around the monastery.

Scourmont Abbey has developed a range of economic activities, thereby boosting regional employment.

The Chimay-Wartoise Foundation

This public service foundation was created in 1996 at the initiative of Scourmont Abbey’s monastic community.

Guided by the desire to separate its monastic vocation from the economic concerns generated by the growth of the businesses that it had set up (brewery, cheese factory, inn, etc.), the Scourmont monastic community thus transferred shares in its companies to the Chimay-Wartoise Foundation.



The abbey guarantees an essential value:  ethics

Ethics permeates the entire process of making and selling its products.  This ethical fiber is embodied precisely in the following:

  • The bulk of sales revenue is used for social assistance.
  • Special attention is paid to ensuring the responsible consumption of ale.
  • The people who make these products are respected and valued.
  • Manufacturing based on 100% natural, protected ingredients.