INGREDIents (serves two )

Chimay beers

    • Chimay Triple

Chimay cheeses

    • A la Bleue
    • Poteaupré

Allow around 200 g cheese per person, which
for two people would be 200 g Poteaupré and
200 g A la Bleue. Remove the rind from both
cheeses and cut them into cubes.


  1. Bring 2 dl Chimay Triple to the boil in a ‘fondue
    pot’ and stir in the cheese in about four batches.
    Make sure you do not allow the mixture to reboil.
    Adding flour is totally out of the question,
    as this would make the cheese fondue far too
    thick, as well as breaking down the flavour of
    both the Chimay Triple and the cheese.
  2. Before using, you can rub over the ‘fondue pot’
    with a garlic clove, a shallot, a truffle or an
    olive tapenade. This gives an extra taste dimension,
    and makes the fondue just that little bit
  3. Whilst fonduing, it is best to stand the fondue
    pot over a low flame, to keep the mixture beautifully
    fluid and warm.


Serve pieces of baguette with high quality charcuterie,
such as Jambon d’Ardenne, Ardennes salami, chorizo or
lomo. For vegetables, pieces of (precooked) carrot,
cauliflower and broccoli florets, mushrooms and Brussels
sprouts work very well together. Also, do not forget
pickled gherkins and silver skin onions.