Enjoy the intense experience of pairing up Chimay ales and cheeses

An ideal tasting experience in 4 steps:

  1. Take a slow sip of your ale to enjoy its flavor.
  2. Next taste a piece of cheese without its rind.
  3. Try another piece of cheese, this time with its rind.
  4. Finally, take a generous mouthful of the ale to mix the two products in your mouth.
    … and enjoy the flavors!

Chimay "Grande Réserve" Ale/Grand Classic cheese

The Chimay Grande Réserve is a dark ale with a powerful aroma.

It’s the perfect match for the Chimay classic cheese

Alcohol content:  9% by volume

Chimay "Première" Ale /Cheese à la Chimay Première

Chimay Première is used to wash one of Chimay’s cheeses, called “Chimay à la Première.”  Together, they offer a perfect combination of flavors.

Alcohol content:  7% by volume

Chimay Dorée Ale/Le Poteaupré

Chimay Dorée, with its refreshing aromas of hops and spices, releases its best flavors when accompanied by the cheese Le Poteaupré.

Alcohol content:  4.8% by volume

Chimay Cinq Cents/Vieux Chimay

Chimay Cinq Cents makes a harmonious match with Vieux Chimay, a cheese that is aged in the dairy’s cellar for 6 to 18 months.

Alcohol content:  8% by volume