the Chimay Cinq Cents,
achieves a rare balance
of sweet and bitter.

CHIMAY Cinq Cents

The Chimay Cinq Cents, with its golden hue, offers a rare balance of mellowness and bitterness.
It is a subtil combination of fresh hops and yeast.

fromage_blancheGive yourself a treat….
It goes perfectly with the “Vieux Chimay”.


Chimay Cinq Cents is an authentic trappist beer

That means that it is brewed within the walls of a Trappist monastery under the supervision and responsibility of the monastic community, which is involved in the entire process of making and selling the ale.

The bulk of the revenue that this activity generates is used to finance social services and cover the community’s needs.

Our different formats

The Chimay Cinq Cents exists in 33cl, 75cl and 150cl bottles.
In some bars and restaurants it is also available on tap.

Recipe with Chimay Cinq Cents Carpaccio of apple, scallops and Grand Chimay

INGREDIENTS (serves four)

For the cheese croutons

  • 2 slices toasting bread, crusts removed
  • 100 g cheese A la Premiere grated
  • 3 cl olive oil
  • 2 g curry powder
  • 8 scallops
  • 4 slices «Grand Chimay»
  • 1 Jonagold apple
  • fresh dill sprigs
  • spring onion, finely chopped

For the mayonnaise

  • 2 dl basic mayonnaise
  • 3 cl Chimay Cinq Cents
  • freshly ground pepper


For the croutons

  1. Sprinkle the toasting bread with olive oil and season with freshly ground pepper. Put a slice of cheese A la Premiere on each piece of bread. Brown under the grill. Allow the toast to cool and cut into equal sized croutons.

For the carpaccio

  1. Cut each scallop into four equal sized pieces and cut out rounds of the same size from the «Grand Chimay» cheese.
  2. Peel the apple. Using a pastry cutter, cut out a cylindrical shape from the apple flesh and then cut this up into equal sized circles.
  3. Beat the mayonnaise with the Chimay Cinq Cents and the pepper.

Discover the recipe in video